Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan

Tuesday was our little man's 1st that came fast! I think after having Gracie and her being little for so long makes it seem like Ryan is growing up WAY too fast.

Ryan truly is the most smiley and mellow baby ever. We love how happy and easy he has been. It is so much fun watching his little personality come out, everyday it seems like he is more and more little boy and less and less baby. Just today, during our walk, he would not take his eyes off the big ride-on mower cutting the grass at the park today. He watched, babbled and pointed in excitement until he could hardly see the mower any more.

Boys definately are inately different from girls, or at least my little boy is. He loves balls, books, cars, machines, and absolutely loves to torment Gracie. It is hilarious to watch him go over and crawl all over Gracie, while she screams in protest. The moment we move him away from her, he can't crawl fast enough to go in for another attack.

Ryan loves to give kisses, but will only give them to Jay, the girls and myself---I think grandma's mission is to get him to give her one of his open mouth kisses that he ends with a big grunt.

Ryan loves to eat, but refuses to let me feed him. It's kindof funny because he eats best with a fork, feeding himself. His absolute favorite foods are eggs and bananas, can never get enough. He hates apples in any form, kind of interesting.

We love this little guy so much and can't imagine life without him.