Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Until I was married and had Morgan, Father's Day never meant much to me. I grew up being ostracized by my father--he chose not to have anything nothing to do with me for whatever his reasons were. It wasn't until a few years after becoming a member of the Church that I began to have a relationship with a father--the Father of us all--our Heavenly Father.

I learned that Heavenly Father loves me for who I am regardless of what I may or may not do. He loves me despite my faults and shortcomings. My Father in Heaven is always there for me whether I choose to go to Him or not. He has my best interests in mind and will help me in whatever ways will allow me to become the person I am suppose to be. Obviously my words are not sufficient to describe all that Heavenly Father means to me and all that I have learned how and what a perfect Father is and interacts with their children.

I am extremely grateful that I was able to form a strong and trusting relationship with Heavenly Father before I ever got married so that I could know the traits to look for in a man who would eventually be the father of my children. Jason by no means is perfect (he'll be the first to tell you so) but as a father I couldn't ask more.

He loves Morgan with all of his heart. Though it hurts him when she refuses to sit on his lap and cuddle, he is OK with that because he wants her to be happy. When he comes home after a long hard day at work he will play with her and read to her the same book 5 times over if she asks for it. When we talk or pray for Morgan he always has her best interests in mind and wants her to have the best things in life without spoiling her too much.

I know that he loves and will do the same for Grace. His strength and wisdom in what we are facing with Grace is amazing!! And though it is hard to imagine what may happen, he knows whatever will happen will be the best thing for Grace and will be in accordance with Heavenly Father's will.

So again I am thankful for this day to remember not my own earthly father but my Heavenly Father and my wonderful husband--who is a blessing to Morgan and Grace and all the other children that we will be given.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our little clown

Today while I was getting Morgan dressed she asked to play with a diaper--this is nothing new; often times I will give her one to keep her happy and make the task of dressing her more pleasant for both of us. Well after she protested that the diaper was hers numerous times by saying, "mine, mine, mine" and hiding it under her arm she got more inventive and made a hat. She put the diaper on her head and played peek-a-boo, she was so adorable I couldn't help but restage the whole event once I grabbed my camera.

Borrowing this one

My friend Shayla posted this on her blog and well I wanted to share it too with those who frequent our family blog. This is what she wrote...

When Percentiles Collide!
This picture made me chuckle! I had to post it. A friend of ours has a daughter who is 20 months old and in the 10th percentile. William is 7 month and in the 100+ percentile. I love my chunker!

Likewise, I love my petite little one!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Nothing too interesting to say today...just some cute and funny pictures I wanted to post for those that like to see my cute little sweetheart.

Just after her bath--notice the cute little curl in her hair.

Sunday morning before church--so adorable!!

After dinner we went up to the canyon to enjoy the weather. Morgan had fun playing in the dirt and sitting on our shoulders. For some reason she couldn't resist messing with my hair.
I had to include this picture--I think it is hilarious. Her head looks way too big for her little body. But rest assure, she is extremely proportionate in reality.