Monday, December 6, 2010

Some Videos

Saturday afternoon I was playing with Ryan and Gracie and was able to get some of Ryan giggling on video. Ignore my awful singing and just allow yourself to melt while you listen to the precious laughs of a little one.

Gracie has come a long way with Ryan and I was able to get her to hold him for a few seconds. I find it hilarious what Gracie does when she is done holding him.

This is what Gracie is doing all the time. I love that she just wants to be up and is realizing more and more what her feet and legs are for.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Mr. Man

Ryan is affectionally known as out little Mr. Man and I can't believe he is two months old, my how time flies! He goes in for his two month check up on Friday, but I am sure he is close to 12lbs! I honestly can't believe how big he is, Gracie has always been small, and Morgan was never a really big baby it must be a boy thing.

Mr. Man is smiling like crazy these days and is trying so hard to "talk." His personality is so mellow and easy going, which is such a blessing to us these days. It is so amazing how much you can grow to love something so tiny in such a short amount of time.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gracie update

Gracie being silly and hamming it up.
Oh my finding time to update the blog is next to impossible. I have many post ideas going on inside my head, but just can't find the time to actually sit down and post them. Girls are in bed, Ryan just ate and is asleep so hopefully I can get this update done.
Morgan and Gracie on Halloween--too bad the rain kept Gracie in the house.
Gracie has been up to so much lately that I just want to share how much this little one has been developing and progressing. We go back to Cardiology in December and are anxious to see what the doctor thinks of her. She is weighing in at 23lbs and 12oz, I'm thrilled but it makes carrying her and her oxygen and a newborn so difficult when we have to go out without Jason. I am so happy that I switched her to the blended has worked miracles in our Gracie.
Grace is talking up a storm these days, though a lot of what she says is hard to understand, she is communicating more with words then by crying. Here is a list of some of her most used phrases:
I sit
Bite peas---I want a bite please
Mo chi---More chip
Minnie mou----Minnie Mouse
Ousid-----Outside or Einstein
Ninitee----Night Night
Neigh neigh----horse
As I type this I realize this list is actually quite these are some of our favorites.
We still have physical therapists coming 4 times a month and will be adding a speech therapist next month. We are still going to motor skills class once a week as well. (The thought of her aging out of the Early Intervention Program in July just freaks me out.) Grace has also started a therapeutic horse riding class called Courage Reins, where she gets to ride a horse for 20 minutes once a week. The idea is that horse riding helps improve confidence, strengthens different muscles, works on sensory issues and so much more. Gracie absolutely loves it!!
This is dark, but I wanted to show her and all the horse.
We are just amazed at how far Gracie has come and what she is doing. She is learning to love to stand and is trying so hard to pull herself up, but she still isn't strong enough, but she'll get there.
Gracie practicing standing on Morgan's scooter. She loves when we push her around and she gets to go for a ride.

Check out these videos of what she is working 0n now, I just know that once she masters it, we are in trouble.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Songs

Grandma asked me to post some videos of Morgan singing the Halloween songs she learned in preschool.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Life has officially become hectic and almost impossible to do anything other than nurse Ryan or take care of Grace and Morgan. I promised my sister that I would post some pictures, so that is what this post is...

Our first family pictures.
This was Ryan in his going home outfit. It's amazing how fast he has grown!

Giving Ryan a bath, I thought for sure he would wake up the moment I put him in the tub...nope, he slept through the entire bath.
I love this picture, Morgan is the perfect big sister.
Gracie still isn't too keen on being super close to Ryan, but she actually tolerated "holding" him for this picture.
Morgan has to hold Ryan every day.
This is one of our favorites of our little guy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our new addition

Ryan Michael Gourley born September 13th at 1:44pm. Ryan weighed 7lbs 11oz and 19 in long. He seems to have a mellow personality and is already a champ at nursing. The girls came to meet him yesterday...Morgan is in love and wishes that she could be with him 24/7.

Mom and her kids
Morgan just adores him

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I meant to update last week about Morgan's first day of preschool...but I got carried away in all the business of the week.
Morgan was so excited to go to school. She loves making friends, learning, and just socializing with others. She woke up and couldn't contain her anticipation to meet her fellow classmates and teachers; so luckily I had a playdate planned in the morning to distract her.

When I picked her up, one of her teachers turned to me and said, "Morgan did great." I thought to myself, I wasn't worried. Morgan really does thrive on social interaction.

This was her silly face after picking her up.
In the car, enjoying her treat from her teacher.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Gracie's new skill

It has been a rough week for several reasons....Gracie has had a nasty stomach bug for the last week. But luckily she seems to be doing better, though she still is not consuming her normal amount of calories. Hopefully we will get her back to her norm before she loses all the weight we have worked hard to put on.

Amidst the sickness Gracie learned a new trick. We have been working on pulling to a stand for a long time and though she is not pulling to a stand from the floor---check out this progress.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Photo Shoot

Yesterday my dear neighbor took Gracie and Morgan's pictures for me. We were going to go to the amphitheater in American Fork, but it was reserved so we ended up doing it in my mother-in-law's neighbor's backyard (which is beautiful).

We did it first thing in the morning since that is when Gracie is her happiest and lighting is usually good. Gracie was great. Very happy and smiley and lasted an hour before she started asking to be done. Morgan was a ham. She would pull some of the funniest faces...and would have rather been playing in the beautiful garden with all of the little statues.
Ginger, thank you so much for taking these amazing pictures. I absolutely love, love, love them!! I think I am obsessed.
Here are some of my favorites---it was too hard to not chose to many. And if any of you need a great photographer check out Ginger's


Ginger thank you so much. I know I have told you this already, but I absolutely love, love, love these pictures. I think I'm obsessed, I can't stop looking at them, ha ha.
Here are some of my was so hard to decided which pictures I wanted to post, so sorry there are so many.
Jason doesn't care for this last one, but I love it. I love that you can see her scar--it has made her who she is.