Sunday, July 11, 2010

Photo Shoot

Yesterday my dear neighbor took Gracie and Morgan's pictures for me. We were going to go to the amphitheater in American Fork, but it was reserved so we ended up doing it in my mother-in-law's neighbor's backyard (which is beautiful).

We did it first thing in the morning since that is when Gracie is her happiest and lighting is usually good. Gracie was great. Very happy and smiley and lasted an hour before she started asking to be done. Morgan was a ham. She would pull some of the funniest faces...and would have rather been playing in the beautiful garden with all of the little statues.
Ginger, thank you so much for taking these amazing pictures. I absolutely love, love, love them!! I think I am obsessed.
Here are some of my favorites---it was too hard to not chose to many. And if any of you need a great photographer check out Ginger's


Ginger thank you so much. I know I have told you this already, but I absolutely love, love, love these pictures. I think I'm obsessed, I can't stop looking at them, ha ha.
Here are some of my was so hard to decided which pictures I wanted to post, so sorry there are so many.
Jason doesn't care for this last one, but I love it. I love that you can see her scar--it has made her who she is.


Megan said...

your girls are beautiful. I love the last one too. :)

Aimee Hardy said...

Those are fabulous pictures. Such cute girls. Thanks for sharing.

Cammie said...

Beautiful pictures! I love them!!
I'll be checking my mailbox for some! lol
But seriously you better mail be some!!
Love you!

Shayla Taylor said...

Oh my gosh - your girls are SO cute! Thank you for sharing these pictures. I can't wait to see pictures of you soon! :) Please. :)