Friday, July 2, 2010

It's here!!!

We got the call that Gracie's Kidwalk finally came in, after waiting over two months. I couldn't wait for the delivery man to bring it and risk not getting it till after the holiday weekend, so the girls and I drove up to SLC to get it this morning.

I was so excited to get it, set it up, and get Gracie in it that I ended up laying her down for her nap later than normal. Gracie wasn't too sure about it and didn't realize that if she moved her legs she would be mobile, but Morgan tried to help her.
After dinner we took her out for a walk and Gracie did fairly well---we just have to help her gain more control of the walker so that it doesn't just spin in circles. Gracie didn't hate it and even wanted to 'explore' while we were out today, so I'm optimistic that she will catch on fast and once her legs get strong enough, there will be no stopping her. Hopefully with time she will last longer than 5 minutes and will get to the point that she just wants to be in the walker all the time.


The Simmons Family said...

That's pretty cool!! Owen has a FANCY old lady walker that comes with all sorts of supports. He refuses to use it. HA. Good thing we didn't pay for it.

We might have to try a kid walk too. I'll ask PT about it this week. I'm pretty sure that Owen is 10% weak and 90% stubborn though. ;)

Way to go Grace!

Cammie said...

So happy you finally got it! Gracie is going to be all over the place in no time.