Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cardiology appointmen

Today we had a cardiology appointment and it was an appointment like no other. You know the feeling of pure joy when you are given great news? Well that is how today's appointment went!!

Yesterday I got a phone call from the cardiology office asking us to come in early for an echo. I was nervous because Gracie has never had a non-sedated echo before (other than the times that she was so sick that she didn't have the energy to move). But to my amazement she did great! She hated that she had to lay flat and couldn't control the probe herself, but found amusement licking the probe and the technician's fingers (glad she used Avagard before starting).

Dr. Su couldn't believe how well Gracie looked and how much more energy and personality she has now as opposed to just a couple of months ago. He was pleased with her weight gain---22lbs 4oz and all of her new skills which she wasn't shy about showing off. But the best news comes with her echo---it looked beautiful!!!

Grace has always had a moderately leaky valve and today there was barely any leakage!! Gracie's heart has a more efficient squeeze than ever before. Dr. Su said not to change anything because we obviously have found a happy ground for Gracie and she is finally thriving. It was so wonderful to see how excited and pleased he was with Gracie.

We are hopeful that when the time comes for the Fontan that her pressures will have come down and she will be a candidate for the surgery. But in the meantime we will just keep plugging along and for the first time we don't have to go back for 6 months!!


cici said...

Best news I've heard all day.
So happy for Gracie and you!

The Thompsons said...

That's absolutely wonderful news! I'm so happy to read about Gracie's improvements. Yay!

Christina said...

Yea! What wonderful news. So glad she is doing so well. Keep up the good work!

Hugs & Prayers,
Heart Momma to Jacob

The Simmons Family said...

GREAT NEWS!!! I am SO thrilled!! It's the blended diet. HA.

Aimee Hardy said...

Wohoo!!! That makes me so happy. Enjoy the next 6 months.