Thursday, June 17, 2010

Strawberry Days

This week is Strawberry Days for our little city we live in--complete with rodeo, carnival, and a parade this Saturday, so we decided to take the girls to the carnival tonight. It's ridiculous how expensive it is to ride a ride so we didn't stay too long or let the girls ride more than a couple rides, but they had fun! I love how good Morgan was when we told her that there were no more tickets and it was time to go home, she is such a sweetie.

I had to talk the carnie into letting Gracie ride the cars with Morgan, against Jason's opinion, but I'm sure glad I did--Gracie loved it!!

And of course we couldn't leave without riding the 'merry goey around" as Morgan says it.
Morgan rode this flying ride without Gracie--didn't feel good about trying her on this one.


Cammie said...

Wish I was there!! I'll have to start saving my pennies for another trip.
Get me some candy from the parade.

Love you!!
Kisses & Hugs

Jon and Kim said...

So fun! I totally know what you mean. Those carnivals are a rip off. But kids love them and parents get suckered into them. Looks like your girls had a blast!