Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Gracie Girl!!!

These pictures were taken a few minutes apart from each other---Gracie threw up her breakfast and needed a wardrobe change!

Gracie is 2 years old! Yeah! I was a little worried because the last few days Gracie has been a bear and I really wanted today to be a happy day. Fortunately she woke up as happy as could be and was extremely pleasant all day long. Morgan couldn't wait for Gracie to wake up this morning--I think she was more excited for Gracie's birthday than she was for her own last year. I am so grateful Gracie has such a wonderful big sister who loves her so much!!!

Morgan wanted to wear the tiara too.

We didn't do anything major today, we played and sang songs and just had fun until our extended family came over for cake and ice cream. I made Gracie her very own Mickey Mouse cake which she loved and even kissed before we cut it up for all to enjoy.

I love the look on Gracie's face--ewwwe you expect me to put that in my mouth again!

We gave Gracie a water table for her birthday gift to promote standing---but she still won't stand for more than 10 minutes (just too exhausting). I guess that is why she enjoyed the box more than the actually gift.

Gracie we love you so much!! You are an amazing miracle and we are so grateful that we are able to enjoy you and have you here with us. You have taught us so much and still have plenty more to teach us. We can't wait to see how much more you will change in the next year!!!

A post of all Gracie's milestones will come soon---I'm just too tired to write that all now.


cici said...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
My how time is flying by!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday Gracie! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating.

Hugs & Prayers,
Heart Momma to Jacob

Aimee Hardy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Gracie! I'm glad it was a great day. You are amazing.

Hope's Blog said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!

The Simmons Family said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie. Owen can only stand at his table for about 10 min too :(.

The Thompsons said...

Super cute cupcakes!

carolyn q said...

Yipee! It looks like it was a wonderful birthday. WOW, she has come so far and I can't but wait to read about her 3rd Birthday :0)
Happy Birthday Gracie Girl!

One Happy Heart Family said...

Happy Happy Birthday Gracie!!! I can't beleive it she's not a baby anymore she looks like such a big girl in all the pictures. A little miss toddler :0)

Erica said...

Happy Birthday Gracie Girl!!!