Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prayers needed

About an hour ago I read a devastating update on a dear sweet family---The Stricklands. Their little miracle Mason is in heart failure and just found out that he is not a candidate for heart transplant. I went left my computer and attempted to do some household chores just to find myself literally sick to my stomach for this sweet family and their little one.

Please pray for them to feel comfort, peace and direction. Please pray that they will enjoy every day they have left with Mason and that they will be strengthened more than ever before.


cici said...

Thank you for sharing this. I was following their story too. This is heartbreaking. I will pray very hard for this family.
Hope you are all well.

Douglas Lai said...

Many prayers for their whole family.

Em said...

I hope you guys are hanging in there.
I think this shakes anyone to the core who are blessed to have a little "sweet-heart". I will be fasting too!

Staci said...

I will keep them as well as you in my prayers. I miss our intermittent meet and greets at PCMC.

Staci (Bridger's mom)

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