Saturday, November 7, 2009

Busy day

Grace and I had the pleasure of being at the doctor's office and hospital for three hours today and we get to go back tomorrow and Monday! As you know from the previous post, Gracie went to the doctors on Monday, she received 4 immunizations, plus the seasonal flu shot. Monday night she was miserable and had a fever as high as 103.4, I chalked it all up to the immunizations and didn't worry too much. Grace has always responded negatively to her immunizations I think that is another reason she isn't up to date on them.

Anyways she seemed to improve some through the week but on Thursday night her high fever returned along with extreme crankiness and a worsening cough. I called the peds office Friday morning and because Grace didn't have any other symptoms, was told to wait it out till next week and if she still had fevers to bring her in.

Last night in addition to the high fever, Gracie's oxygen need increased from 1/2 liter to 1 liter (weren't wee suppose to be trying to go the other direction?) Throughout the night my mind wandered as I tried to diagnoise Grace because I am not buying a bad reaction to immunizations anymore. My possible diagnoises--1. Swine flu---but she didn't really have all the symptoms associated with this. 2. Blood infection--Gracie has been known to develop infections after surgical procedures, maybe she developed one after her cath two weeks ago? Or 3. Excess fluid in her lungs, resulting in an increase in heart failure.

After three blood tests, a swine flu suction test, and an x-ray we are leaning more to number 3. Gracie gained a little over a pound in 4 days--too much too fast. Plus her x-ray was really hazy. We are still waiting for all the lab results, but both the pediatrician and I think the problem is the fluid in her lungs. So, we have increased Grace's bumex dosages to 4 times a day and added diuril once a day. Also as a precaution we gave her a shot of rosephin today and she'll get another shot tomorrow.

We are hoping that the labs all come back fine, its promising because her white blood count is good. We will get another x-ray on Monday and head back to peds office, if things look great or at least improved we will continue our course and head up to Riverton for our much anticipated GI appointment. If the x-ray shows little to no improvement we will be heading up to Primary's to do an echo to see what her little heart is doing.


Ryan and Hilary said...

I hope that things get better. we will send lots of prayers your way. xoxoxoxo hilary

cici said...

oh no, nothing worse than waiting for hours in a Doctors office with a
little one not feeling well.
Sounds like she was fighting a bug and then the immunizations made it harder to fight off. Too much for one sweet little body :(
I will stop by church today to ask for healing for your little doll.
She will remain tops in my prayers til she is healed.