Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ogden's Dinosaur Park

We are getting really close to welcoming another baby into our family (about 3 weeks) and are very excited!  Since we know that I will be having a c-section and know what the recovery will be like we wanted to do a big family outing now before the baby comes and life is crazy for several weeks.  Though we have Thanksgiving Point practically in our backyard with a great dinosaur museum, we wanted to go somewhere, even if it was only 1 1/2 hours away to Ogden.

When Morgan was a baby we bought into a timeshare and loved it!  Unfortunately with Gracie's arrival our circumstances changed and we had to sell it a few years ago.  Before we sold it one of our favorite places to go was to Wolfcreek in Ogden Canyon.  It was perfect for Gracie in the summer because it was cooler up there and we could just enjoy being away from home.  Though we saw the Dinosaur Park everytime we went up there, we really had no interest to go.  But along comes our little Ryan who LOVES dinosaurs, so for our last hurrah we decided to check out the dinosaur park and we are glad we did!

First off, the weather was great!!  We got up there at 10:30am and it was cool and shaddy enough that Gracie did great!  No whining and no just wanting to sit in the stroller.  At first both Ryan and Morgan were freaked out---Ryan by the big dinosaurs and Morgan by all the noise effects.  But after explaining to Morgan that the roars and screachings were just coming from speakers and being able to show them to her, she chilled out.  And Ryan warmed up quickly as we walked around and pointed out all the cool guys.

There were dinosaurs everywhere and little trails that we loved exploring with the kids! It really was just a lot of fun. We played at the playground for a little bit, then headed to the education center and made some great visors! Three hours later we were all tired and ready to go get some lunch and head home. It was a great outing and if you are heading up to Ogden and have little ones in toe, it is a great activity and a different way to experience dinosaurs than inside a museum. 

 Some of the dinosaurs we saw.
 Dinosaur Prints

 The kids loved these!

The cave.

The Education Center

Grace kept trying to pull the bone out and got
Finding dinosaur bones.


Michelle said...

Fun! Love those kids.

Em said...

So cute! We should do a cousin's day there sometime. Maybe we can plan something for next summer when Shell is in town!