Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Cousin Summer party!!

Today was so much fun! I have been wanting to do a couple of activities that I found on Pinterest with the kiddos, but just haven't gotten around to it. So even though it would have been fun with just my kids, I thought how much more fun would it be to have all the cousins join in on the fun?!

We handed out invites and anxiously awaited for today to come.  Really we didn't plan too much, just a mock ice cream party with freezy dough ice cream and water fun playing on a water blob/pillow. Jason helped me make the freezy dough, colored sprinkles and the water blob last night, but, unfortunately he had to work today. 

Anyways we started with the freezy dough, while the water blob started filling up with water.  I was surprised how much the shaving cream froze to look like real ice cream and melted just like real ice cream does.  Gracie played for a bit, but really wasn't a fan of the texture...sensory overload I guess.  I did, however, catch her eating a cone (that was real), hopefully she didn't end up eating any of the shaving cream!!

We then headed over to the water blob/pillow.  It was so cool and relaxing to just lay on it before the surface got all wet.  Gracie loved playing on it when the pillow was dry.  She loved jumping up and down and just laying on it. 
But the other kids tired quickly, so we had to add water.  Grace took off into the house for a break and to watch a show!

Gracie thought it was great fun to get naked.

The kids had fun running and sliding all over the place.  Then it was time for lunch. 

After lunch I don't know why, but, there must have been something about that wet water blob that was calling my name. I went over layed on it and before I knew it I was giving superhero rides and wrestling.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!  I love these kiddos so much!!

I will be really sore in the morning, but it was worth it.  I think we may just make this a tradition!!  We had two more cousins join later on, but I was too water logged to get the camera. 

What is it with my kiddos taking their clothes off?

This little guy spent most of the party napping.  But had fun when he woke up. 


cici said...

Oh Deanna, what fun. I am so happy you are breaking free from worry and making fun memories for your little sweeties.
It all gets better with time ;)

Shayli Gourley said...

Oh my gosh... that water blob looks SO FUN!! Gotta love Pinterest ;) I can only imagine the giggles coming from Morgan as she was playing on it haha.

Michelle said...

Best summer party ever!!!

The first thing Caden told Chad about the party was how he wrestled Aunt Deanna and was "victorious." You definitely win the most fun aunt award for that day!!

Unknown said...

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