Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Day

We started the day by letting Morgan go through her Easter basket, I even made all the chocolate candy in the basket!!. It is hard to know what she really thought, but I do know that she was happy that there was candy that she could eat!

We then got ready to go to Church, but before we left we found time to take some way cute pictures of our 'little bunny'!

After a nice quiet dinner with just the three of us, we enjoyed the almost 60 degree temps and went to the park. While at the park we realized that Morgan is quite the dare devil--there was a really high slide that she wanted to go down. It was my turn to take her down, I'm grateful no one was at the park because it was quite the site to see a big pregnate woman climb up and then go down a big curly slide.

All in all today was a wonderful family day. I'm very grateful that families are eternal and that through the death and resurrection of our Savior we will be able to live with one another forever.


Michelle said...

Cute Easter pictures! I LOVE her bunny ears. She really is the dang cutest thing ever.

Plus, I'm impressed you did all the chocolate on your own!

emily and kevin griffin said...

Morgan is so cute! The ears are a nice touch.

Martha said...

This is Grammie all the way in Florida. I really loved seeing Morgan on Easter--since I could not be there in person!
Love you guys!
Grandma Martha

Niki said...

OOHhhh shes' cute! Take care you guys!!

Elizabeth said...

Very fun pictures. I'm glad that you guys had a great Easter.