Monday, March 31, 2008

Elmo Fascination

I don't remember when Morgan was first exposed to Elmo but about a month ago she surprised me and started saying his name perfectly. So like any parent who shouldn't spoil their daughter but does anyway I promptly went out and bought her a couple of Elmo books and a week or two later I bought her an Elmo movie.

Since then all I ever hear is Elmo. First thing in the morning Morgan asks for Elmo (to watch him) then again after we have gone for a walk we read the Elmo books over and over again--I literally can 'read' the book with my eyes shut. Before bed she begs to watch Elmo again, sometimes if she is persistent enough she even gets her way :)

This last Saturday we spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa, while at the grocery store there was a great deal on Easter things--everything 50% off so Grandma bought Morgan an Easter Elmo doll which Morgan has been in love with ever since. Whether it is nap time or bed time she has to have Elmo to sleep. She has never been one for a favorite toy or blanket but now she has to absolutely have Elmo before she lays down. Here are some pictures of her sleeping with Elmo.

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Gourley Family said...

That is so cute. She is so smart! It is amazing how kids pick up things so easily. We were watching my nephew Ethan last night, and we watching a show and they swore. I was so worried because I know he learns new words each day, and I did not want him going home from our house with a swear word added to his vocabulary.