Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Doctor appointments

Over the course of the last two weeks Grace has had numerous doctor appointments---she has seen the ENT doctor (Ear, Nose,and Throat), the cardiologist, and our family doctor. After all of these appointments we have a very long list of things that need to happen within the next two months in preparation for her next major heart surgery.

Grace still has a moderate hearing loss and fluid in her ears so the plan is to have tubes put in. The doctors are hoping to get this done within the next month and pair it with a sedated echo and an AVR (a hearing test). The AVR will give us a better idea as to whether or not placing the tubes helped the hearing loss---I'm hoping and praying that it will.

Grace will also need another heart catherization, a procedure that we are all too familiar with. Since she already has two stints in place there really isn't much we can do to prolong when we have the next surgery so in the meantime we are trying to get her bigger and stronger. Gracie weighs 11lbs and is 24 inches long and the bigger we can get her the happier her cardiologist will be.

Its hard to begin to think and plan for our next surgery, we just left the hospital and really don't want to go back. I hope and pray that this next hospital stay will be shorter and easier than our first go around.


The G Fam said...

We love that picture of Gracie-it shows her in all of her cuteness! We pray for Gracie and know she is truly so strong!

Hilary said...

OH she is so beautiful! She is looking amazing. We will pray that she will be prepared for her next surgery. Happy Thanksgiving, Much love, Hilary Cook

Nola said...

What a wonderful picture. We will pray for Grace! She is such a miracle baby and we love hearing the updates.

Erica said...

First that is a darling picture of Grace. Praying she keeps getting bigger and stronger.