Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Gracie

I love these pictures, some of them you can even see her little tooth.

Today Gracie is 5 months old!! It is so amazing to look at my precious girl and all she has been through and know that she is still here chugging along and fighting all of her obstacles. Grace is still nippling anywhere between 15-25 cc a day, though she drinks the most from her first bottle of the day. We have been trying different formulas and still haven't found one that she can tolerate, but we still our trying.

Gracie loves Morgan---she follows her with her eyes everywhere she goes and just stares and smiles at her. Though Morgan can be a bit overwhelming a lot of the time, Gracie doesn't mind some of the harassment. Today Morgan was playing pretend food and kept giving Grace some,
well Grace was a trooper until Morgan put her fingers in Grace's mouth and down her throat...oh well, it the fate of being the younger sister.

Grace is talking more frequently and seems to try so much harder to talk, she just doesn't know exactly how to make sound come out all the time. But it is coming and sooner than I know it she'll be saying her first word!

Next week we will begin having an occupational therapist come from Kids On the Move come out and work with Grace. I'm excited but know that he has his work cut out for him--every time I try to put Grace on her tummy she flips out and screams to the point that she turns her oh so wonderful shade of purple and has sweat dripping off her forehead. But it will be good for her and with time she will become stronger and hopefully tolerate being on her stomach.

Happy 5 month birthday Gracie!!!


Michelle said...

Love that girl! I am SO amazed/grateful/thrilled that she is in our family.
I'm worried once Cade is big enough, he's going to want to play so much with her, like Morgan does! Hope she's ready!

Nola said...

I love Kids on the Move! I am excited you have been connected to them. When I worked at United Way I often shared stories about children and families that used Kids on the Move resources. I hope it helps Grace!
Enjoy those sweet little girls. I miss seeing them occasionally.

Shiloh said...

Kids on the Move is a great program! I have voluntered with them several times. Also, Gracie is a gorgeous baby! She is just so adorable. Hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday season.

Erica said...

Happy five month birthday Gracie! You've come a long way.

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday! Every day is a miracle. much love, Hilary

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are looking good. Happy 5 months Gracie. I miss you Deanna.

lori said...

We miss you and we're so glad you have the blog so we can keep on you and Grace! We hope her therapy goes well. Lucy still prays for her in every prayer.

Love you guys!