Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Update

Grace is doing so well physically, she is tolerating tummy time and holding her head up so much more. She loves playing with her toys and has mastered her hand mouth coordination.

Gracie loves her sister and will always talk with her and smile at her. It is quite cute, every morning Morgan waits anxiously until Grace wakes up, the moment Gracie makes a peep Morgan runs into the bedroom and unwraps Gracie (we swaddle her in a swaddle me) and then gives her a big kiss and says, "good morning Gracie girl, you awake now and you happy."

Gracie's second tooth is beginning to pop through, which has brought a lot more drool and mouthing toys. We are still trying to find a formula she can tolerate, we've tried so many. Just recently we tried Alimentum---Grace developed a terrible diaper rash, so now I will clean her system out of that and try our last hope--Neocate. Oh how I hope this works, we have been blessed to receive breast milk from so many other moms, but we do need to find a formula she can tolerate. Especially because while she is in the hospital they won't give her breast milk that isn't mine or doesn't come from the milk bank.

January 9th Grace will have her third heart catherization. We are still waiting to schedule her sedated echo and once that is performed will know when her next surgery will be. I'm thinking Gracie is getting close, her sats are dropping more requiring more oxygen to keep her in the acceptable range. She will also go in on January 13th to have tubes put in her ears and have another AVR performed to see if the tubes will help with her moderate hearing loss--please pray that it will.


Douglas Lai said...

I am glad to hear that Grace is doing well. She is a cutie and so is Morgan. I love the picture of them lounging together. Praying that all goes well with her upcoming procedures, and that she will tolerate her formula. I didn't pump enough to keep up my milk supply when we switched Eden to the bottle. Now I am wishing I had because it is so much better for her, but with two three year olds and a baby I don't know how I would have done it.

The Taylors said...

I am so HAPPY Grace is doing so well. I hate the formula thing. I finally quit pumping a while back, because Kylie got a milk allergy and I couldn't handle the stress. Have you tried Nutramagin spl Kylie had such a hard time with all other formula's this one has been GREAT. I know Dr. browns bottles have helped a ton also. I hope you get it figured out soon. I know how stressful it is.