Friday, January 2, 2009

My Two girls

Just wanted to post some cute pictures of my girls. I especially love the ones of them "playing together" lets hope there are many more pictures and experiences of them playing together.
These are from New Year's Day:
These were taken today. Morgan wanted to push Grace around the room in her baby doll stroller but I was too afraid that she would trip or accidentally flip the stroller.
Doesn't Grace look so big? She actually loved being in the stroller and is doing great holding her head up!!


The G Fam said...

I am still so sorry and really just wanted to say thank-you for being so kind and considerate towards me and my guilt. I am so grateful to have you as a friend and sister-in-law Deanna. Gracie and Morgan mean the world to us. I was telling Martha tonight that wouldn't it have been sweet if things had been different and Lilly and Ryker were still alive. Morgan and Lilly would be buddies and Ryker and Gracie could commiserate together someday about all they had been through. But it is nice to have to such special family members watching over us, to protect us (like tonight). Anyways, love you guys!

Hilary said...

They are so beautiful. We will be praying for Grace for her cath on Friday. Much love, Hilary

MAYBERRY said...

I have an exact picture of my son, Ashton, oxygen and all, when he was little. His big sisters always pushed him around in their doll stroller.
-Carolyn Hardy (mom to Ashton HRHS, dextrocardia, asd, vsd, etc.)

The Lewis Family said...

Jasmin! Your girls are beautiful! All 3 ;)

JAG said...

Your girls are gorgeous. I'm sure the surgery will go perfectly. :)