Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gracie's Glenn has moved up

Last week Linda the nurse practitioner to the cardiac surgeons called to inform me that Gracie's surgery would now be on Monday February 2nd as opposed to Wednesday February 4th. The reason being some type of conference that the surgeons have later that week. As of right now she is the first case of the morning unless something else comes up--We'll know for sure when we take her up on Sunday for her pre-ops.

For those of you wondering what exactly this surgery entails---here you go.

The bidirectional shunt is performed by connecting the superior vena cava (SVC) to the right branch of the pulmonary artery using fine sutures, and dividing or tying up the pulmonary artery. Now, venous blood from the head and upper limbs will pass directly to the lungs, bypassing the right ventricle.


Chad said...

Darling picture. I can't believe how big she's gotten in the last few months (kind of ironic since she's still not on the percentile charts!) Look at her playing with her feet like a big girl!

Chad said...

Oops, that last comment was from me!

Aimee and Hardy said...

Good rolling Grace!

We'll be thinking about you on the 2nd. Now that we are 1 week post-op, all I can say is that I'm glad to have that over with. I know you'll feel the same way soon.

BTW - My freezer is full again, any time you're in need.