Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy 18 months Gracie!!!

Today was Gracie's 18 month birthday. I can't believe she is 18 months old, this is such a big and miraculous milestone for her. Though in many ways she is still much like an infant, she is very much like a toddler in other ways.
Grace is truly my inspiration and hope for the future. I hope to be as strong and determined as she is in all that I do. I love you baby!!
The following is just a list of things Gracie is doing now that I want to remember.
--rolls around nonstop, tangling herself in her oxygen
--she's an inch worm, while on her belly she stretches out and uses her feet to push herself the extra 5 inches she needs to get the book or toy she wants
--when in her exersaucer or walker, she will stand straight up and put weight in her legs, she even lets us help her stand up straight.
--she claps all the time, especially when she has done something that she knows is an accomplishment
--while in the tub she thinks it is hilarious to splash the water with her feet. Gracie literally gets us so wet, you'd think we got into the tub.
--Gracie says dada, nana, mama
--when we sing Old McDonald Gracie quacks through the entire song
--when she can't get to what she wants, she screams until she either finally reaches the desired object or I give in and give it to her
--while eating, Gracie has this guttural sound that she likes to do
--her laugh is still quite soft and is a rarity to hear
--she squeals in delight, when she gets to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
--Gracie understands when we tell her to put her oxygen back in her nose. And will even get a mischievous look in her eyes and proceed to pull it out again
--when asked if she wants to watch Mickey she shakes her head yes
--she knows how to maneuver her body to get over obstacles in her way
--she now talks to baby dolls
--Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
--playing the dropping game
--playing peek-a-boo
--being rocked to sleep
--playing with your mouth while you rock her
--her swing
--riding in shopping carts
--being outside
--sucking on purple onions, broccoli, and graham crackers

--17 lbs 1 oz
--30 inches long
--size 3 shoe
--78-81 sats
--heart is doing ok, less decreased function
--no scoliosis
--may need eye surgery, we're playing the waiting game
--arterial pressures in her lungs are borderline high, we're working on lowering them
--currently on 7 meds, plus ear drops for an ear infection
--1/2 liter of oxygen continuously


cici said...

So proud of little Grace
happy 18th doll!

Megan said...

What awesome milestones! I'm glad you documented them in a way to let everyone else read them too. :) Go Gracie!

Summer said...

Happy 18 months sweet Gracie! You look great!

Ginger said...

She is such a beautiful little girl! Congrats on the milestones she seems to be doing so great!

Me said...

Grace you are amazing!! You have come such a long way since you and Daxton were roomies. I am so grateful that we have been able to experiance in your many many accomplishments. Keep up the wonderful work!! Happy 18 month birthday!!