Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mostly Just Pictures

Morgan on her first day in Primary.

Things have been crazy for us lately, but nothing too noteworthy. We tried Gracie on Viagra again and she had another negative reaction, so we are still discussing with her cardiologist what the new plan may be.

Gracie has been putting more and more weight in her legs this week and will even stand with assistance for up to five minutes!! Today I got the idea to stand her on the bathroom counter in front of the mirror, and she absolutely loved it. She thought it was so fun to give herself kisses and raspberries. I couldn't resist taking pictures...there not the best, but I think they are adorable.


Cammie said...

So sweet, love all the pictures. Gracie and Morgan are growing so fast. We put Morgan's artwork on the fridge.
Kiss girls for us, Love and miss you lots!!

Michelle said...

I love Grace looking at herself in the mirror!

What a nut.

Shayla Taylor said...

They are so cute and getting so big! We miss you guys!

Megan said...

Mostly Just Cuteness.