Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lost tooth

If I was talking about Morgan losing a tooth, that wouldn't be too bad--she is 5 1/2 and it would only be a year or two till a new one came in. But no, poor Gracie lost a tooth. Now that she is tucked in bed after the traumatizing evening, its my turn to cry for her.
I know I sound silly, but really, poor Gracie! She is only 3 1/2 years old and will be toothless for at least 3 more years. But what gets to me more is that this is just another thing to make her 'different' from her peers. It's not all about my vainness, I think all parents want their children to fit in with other kids and Gracie just already has so many things that make her different.
I was peeling potatoes for dinner tonight and Gracie had gone into the front room. Ryan followed behind her and had stepped on her oxygen as she walked away. Gracie fell face first on the tile, hitting her mouth just right. There was blood everywhere! The mouth bleeds good on its own, for a kiddo on aspirin, it bleeds so much more and for so much longer. I tried to get her to suck on a cold rag, to no avail, but at some point she screamed allowing me to see she was missing a tooth. We found her tooth and for the next hour had to comfort her. If came near her or if we even mentioned her tooth, she screamed and freaked out.
We eventually got her to calm down and all she kept saying for the rest of the night was, "my tooth is better." Poor girl! No one wants any of there children to get hurt, but man, why does it seem that it is always Gracie?
Though I have cried and shed many tears of this lost tooth, I will get over it and soon we will love her toothless smile and it will become as much of a trademark as her pigtails and sweet little voice.


cici said...

awww....I know how you feel, my nephew fell out of his bunk beds at age3 and lost his two front teeth.
His lips and face were so swollen he looked like he was a prize fighter.
Today he is in his 50's and his teeth are none the worse for wear. He didn't even need braces!
He barely remembers, but his Mother will never forget that day.

Brad and Hailey said...

Oh Deanna I am so sorry! I can't imagine going through that with any child let alone Gracie! I am so sorry! I hope the dentist can help!

Megan said...

I know you'll feel better, but its good to be able to express the emotions to mourn things like that. I hope she is okay, that the bleeding stopped and that the adult tooth comes back in nicely whenever it does come.

Petersen Palace said...

maybe the tooth fairy will bring her something AMAZING for having lost a tooth in such a traumatic way!

Mrs.Lewis said...

WE had sad scare last night, Zackary fell and split inside his lip and had a bloody nose, we kept checking to make sure his teeth were not lose, poor kiddle, he is only 15 months! Sometimes it is so sad being a mommy with a little in pain :( Hugs to you guys!