Sunday, April 13, 2008

1st day of Nursery

As of next Friday (April 18th) Morgan will be 18 months old, so what does that mean--she gets to go to Nursery!! Since I have been called to be a Primary teacher, this makes Jason very happy because he can again enjoy his meetings without interruption.

So today I ducked out of the first hour of Primary and took Morgan to Nursery (I insisted that I be the one to take her, maybe it is a mother thing). I wasn't really worried about how she would do---those of you who know Morgan, know that she loves being with kids in almost any setting, but it was still kind of hard for me, she has gotten so big, so fast. (It seems like just yesterday she was taking her first step...time goes by so fast.)

Anyway, we walked in and she immediately found a toy and started playing, she stayed pretty close to me but still interacted with other kids and once she saw the bubbles the teacher was blowing she was mesmerized. Soon it was time for singing time and Morgan loved sitting on the little kid chairs and shaking the noise makers and clicking her sticks (they give the kids music makers to keep them engaged in the songs). However, 20 minutes is a long time for little ones to sit--Morgan eventually got up and walked around looking for a baby, which she found. But when the snack was pulled out she was captivated--she thought it was the coolest thing to be able to sit with lots of kids on chairs and eat apples, raisins and crackers.

When I slipped out, Morgan didn't even care--which I guess is a good thing. Jason looked in on her shortly after, he said he stuck his head in the door and when she saw him, she said "No" and immediately looked away. She is so independent!!


Gourley Family said...

She is soo stinkin' cute! She really has blessed our family so much wwith her sweetness and loving nature!

The Taylor Bunch said...

I loved being able to take Ellie to Nursery! It makes Sacrament and the rest of church so much easier!

A Hunter Story said...

I think she is growing up to quickly!!!

Michelle said...

Morgan is really SO cute...but where are your family pictures?! You and Jason are SO cute, too!