Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hair bows and fun pictures

A new craze seems to be making new hair bows for little girls--though I do not have the patience or talent in making them I know several people who do. But perhaps the most unique bows I have ever seen are made by one of my fellow hall advisors--she makes animal and insect bows. They are so cute!! She even made Morgan some--ducks, caterpillars, and snails, plus a football flower. Today Morgan wore the snails and looked adorable until she decided that she didn't want the 'pretties' (that's what she calls hair bows and barrettes) in her hair anymore.

If you are interested these bows, my co-worker's site is listed with my friends' blogs.

Today we also went up to Park City for a change of pace and found a little toy stroller that I have been wanting to get Morgan, but didn't know if she would like it. The toy store at the outlet store had a stroller out and Morgan wouldn't stop playing with it--so I made the purchase.

This evening when we got home we walked down to the duck pond with her pushing her baby in her new stroller. It was fun, but if you ask Jason--Morgan doodled too much and he would have rather pushed Morgan in her own stroller--instead of the baby doll's stroller, which she didn't really fit in.

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Gourley Family said...

Those are cute. I found a site recently that sells ribbon and teaches you how to do some of those bows. There were some really cute ideas and so I ordered some ribbon to make a couple. I had not seen the snails though! They are really cute! What a creative friend!