Thursday, May 7, 2009

Look Who's 10 months old!!!

(These are some of my favorites from the last few days.)

Today Gracie turned 10 months old today and I couldn't be happier that she is where she is has been a long 10 months, but completely worth it!
Gracie is doing so well, apart from her double ear infection she is battling. She is now drinking half of her bottles every three hours, eating her toes, and even rolled over from her back to her belly today all by herself. We have started her on solids again, but she is hating every bite and gags on it...I'm not forcing her, but wish she would be able to eat, she does so well with her formula. I give her some grown-up food to taste, she really loves to suck on fresh pineapple. Perhaps Gracie's biggest accomplishment is that she is only on 1/4 of a liter of oxygen, other than before her first open heart surgery Gracie has never been on that little of oxygen.
We have heard her giggle and it is the most precious sound I have ever heard. Gracie still isn't cooing and it worries me, but hopefully she will start soon. I have been assured that her vocal cords should be fine, maybe just strained and still recovering from being intubated so many times and for so long.
Gracie had her first family outing today, for dinner we had a little picnic at the park and for her first time outside she did well. She really loved to watch the leaves on the trees blow in the wind.

Here are a list of her favorite things:
Mickey Mouse Club house on Disney
Handy Manny
Big Sister Morgan
Her feet
Her Swing
The song 'Itsy bitsy spider'
Kicking her feet
Car rides
Any thing that can go in her mouth, especially blankets and her fingers


Ryan and Hilary said...

OH My she looks amazing!! Happy 10 months Sweet Gracie, you are so beautiful. What a are amazing.

Cammie said...

Happy 10 months Birthday Gracie!!
We love you!!

The G Fam said...

So cute! I love that little outfit and love that little girl even more!

Holly R said...

She looks great. Happy 10 months!

Kaidence's Mommy said...

She looks great! I wouldn't stress to much about the cooing, Kaidence never really did at all. She has a paralyzed vocal cord but at 2years can talk. Her voice/cry is softer than others (comes in handy for church). Kaidence still to this day has never been much to jabber or talk but I know she can if she wants. But like I said I don't think she has ever cooed.

Happy 10 month Birthday!

Trent, Sherie, Adam, Bridget & Baby! said...

How wonderful! Happy 10 months!

Shayla T said...

She looks amazing! She looks a little like Morgan too. We miss you guys! Take care!

The Taylors said...

Happy 10 month Birtday Gracie! She looks absolutly fabulous in the pictures, she is so adorable. Glad things are going well and yea for the oxygen drop!

Brenna and Chris Thomas said...

Deanna, She looks fantastic! Give her a big hug for me! You're doing such a good job with her!

emily and kevin griffin said...

what a cutie! i'm glad she's doing so well!

Michelle said...


Gina and the Gang said...

Truly, she is so beautiful. It sounds like she's making enough progress that you can just let her be for a while, and not listen to all the outsiders!!!

Erica said...

Ok so I am really late commenting on this, but congratulations Gracie. You are adorable.