Saturday, May 23, 2009

We're outta here

So the orders have been written and we are transferring from the PICU to the floor as soon as we get a bed. I tried to work some magic and get them to just send us home, but no go, I don't have as good as a connection with the medical team as I do with the critical care team.

Overall it has been a good stay, Gracie has done great. The first two days we were here all she wanted to do was to sleep in my arms. Yesterday they started weaning her high flow and she came down great at 12pm they finally put her on normal oxygen and within an hour she needed to be weaned from 2 liters all the way down to .3 liters!!! She really is ready to be done with being sick, but they want her to go to the floor for at least another day of observation---we all know how I hate the floor.

I'm just so happy that this stay is proving to be quick and relatively painless. I will say this though I hope we never have to be admitted to the PICU again to the medical team---I really don't care too much for them. The Attendings don't introduce themselves to the parents and really don't involve the parents in their child's care. Who knows maybe I was just spoiled by the critical care really does stink that I have so many opinions about PICU stays and staff.

Here's hoping to being home tomorrow!!!


Melissa said...

that is good news. i hope you are home soon!

Douglas Lai said...

Yay for good news. Hope you make it home first thing tomorrow.

Shayla T said...

Good luck! We'll be praying for you!