Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What we did today

Today has been a great day. Gracie has been happy and just a sweetheart all day long, we had coupons for a free breakfast at Mimi's restaurant so we went out as a family for breakfast. Then before heading up to Primary Children's we had to make a stop at home---Gracie loves chewing on her oxygen cords and well she finally wore it down and made a hole in her tubing so we had to get a new nasal cannula.

You may be wondering why we went up to Primary's, (especially since she has to go back tomorrow to the OR for a sedated hearing test, RTU won't touch her because of her history) well I wanted to share this special day with our 'extended family' up at Primary's. So I made these cute little birthday announcements, wrote individual notes for our favorite nurses, doctors, and surgeons and ordered some delicious gourmet cupcakes (thanks Melanie @ Just Cupcakes) to share.
It was fun to see so many familiar faces in a non-sick, non-surgical setting and honestly I think that those we got to see loved seeing Gracie---healthy and full of smiles.
This may sound funny, but Jason and I really think that Gracie recognized those that we saw---she couldn't quit smiling or talking to them. The best was watching her interact with Dr. Witte (one of the Attendings in the PICU) and her surgeon, Dr. Kouretas. We didn't get to see many of our nurses, really just Carolyn, others were off or work nights, but hopefully they will enjoy their goodies.
We don't know what other fun things today holds for us, just enjoying being together and all being relatively healthy is enough for us. Birthday celebrations continue on Thursday with a family picnic in the canyons where Grace gets to destroy her own little cake along side her cousin, Cade who is only three weeks older. And if Grace is up to it, we may even give her a left over cupcake to practice on tonight.


The G Fam said...

So stinkin' cute! She is such a sweet heart!!!!

Melanie said...

YAY! I hope everyone enjoys them. I certainly enjoyed a few of the leftovers. :)

Happy birthday, Gracie!

Brenna and Chris Thomas said...

Gracie is looking fantastic! Thank you so much for remembering me with the pictures! I wish I had been there to see you guys in person and for the cupcakes! I'm going to be staying down there the first week of August, watching my sister's house and dog while she's out of town. We'll have to get together while I'm there! Take care!

The Richards Family said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!! I hope that you had a wonderful day. You are definitely a little miracle!! It was fun meeting you and your family at the IHH Picnic. I love your littel pig tails...too cute!! Jamie