Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Living Through their eyes

Lately I have been lost in thoughts...thoughts about the past, the present, and the future. Thoughts of where my life has been, where I'm at today, and where my life will be years down the road. Many of my thoughts centered around Gracie and the choices and decisions Jason and I have made in her life. We asked Grace to go through so much just to stay here on earth, and at times I have wondered if we pushed her too much. But seeing the joy and excitement for life in her eyes assures me that the fight we saw in her so many times as she laid helpless and what seemed to be at the end of her rope was real. Gracie fought through more than what any child should go through to experience life's simple and pure pleasures. Though I have seen that zest for life many times in her life, I have been able to feel it more within the last few days.

Grandma and the girls at Disney on Ice
Through Hope Kids we were able to take Gracie and Morgan to Disney On Ice: World of Fantasy, to my surprise Mickey and Minnie were there which made Gracie's day. I know I have said this before, but Gracie absolutely is in love with Mickey and to see the joy and excitement in her eyes as she watched him helped me remember what life is really about.

Gracie's 1st time on the merry go 'round
Morgan always is afraid at first but then remembers she loves it.
Then today we took advantage of the beautiful Spring like weather and took the girls to the zoo. It was wonderful to walk around and see the interest in Gracie's eyes as she watched the animals roam around in their little habitats. We decided to take her on the carousel for the first time and she loved it. Oh, how I love to watch this little one enjoy her time here on Earth!! If only I could start to emulate that more in my life.
Morgan trying her best to keep Gracie from falling off.
if you listen carefully, you can hear Gracie answer yeah.


Megan said...

This was beautiful. I'm glad you shared some of your thoughts connected to your beautiful little girl. Wouldn't it be interesting to be able to know what they are thinking and what she really thinks of this world. But through her smiles and excitement, i guess you do know. I'm glad she has fought so hard to be on earth.

Crystal said...

Truly blessed! She is so beautiful and so is Morgan. Miss you guys!

Aimee Hardy said...

It was great running into you yesterday. I really enjoyed our talk. Gracie is such a sweetie. I'm glad your girls had so much fun at the zoo. Good luck with everything.

Erica said...

The fight is worth it! Both your girls are sweethearts.

Em said...

So cute!!!!cin

Ginger said...

Gracie probably gets is whole lot more than any of us could even try to. I am sure she is aware of her afflictions as well, but more importnantly the blessings she knows she will recieve Because of those afflictions. I'm sure that Gracie feels like she is SO blessed to be able to see the wonderful world she lives in and the faces of her eternal family. I know it has to be hard for you to just chin up everyday but everytime I talk to you you are so positive and so wonderful. I truly admire you and your family.