Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gracie's 3rd Birthday!!

Thursday was Gracie's 3rd birthday!!! She was so excited to have a birthday party, which we combined with her Make-A-Wish party on Friday (I will post about that later). So Thursday we kept it kind of quiet, since Gracie doesn't eat or have a favorite meal we decided to just take them to the local carnival. Gracie loved it! We disconnected her from her oxygen tank and I took her down the big yellow slide, she is such a thrill seeker.

Turning 3 has been a bittersweet milestone....every birthday Gracie can celebrate is a miracle, but it also means that we had to say goodbye to all of our therapist who have helped Gracie get to where she is today since she aged out of Early intervention. Each therapist has made such an impact in our lives and we can only hope that we will stay in touch with them.

Developmentally Gracie is doing amazingly well and is catching up. Verbally we can understand about 95 % of what she says. Gracie is always singing, it is the cutest thing ever. Her favorite song is 5 little monkeys (I should post a video of her singing it). Gracie is walking now! Granted she isn't doing it consistently, but can take about 15 steps independently. She cruises all the time now and is so much more brave on her feet. All I wanted was for her to be walking by her 3rd birthday and she is!

Health wise Grace is doing great. She hasn't had any major illnesses and seems to be doing ok from a cardiac stand point. We go back to cardiology in September and then we will have a better idea as to how soon her next surgery will be. Gracie tires quickly and gets bluer with more activity, but she is just amazing!

In the fall Gracie will be going to school. It kills me to think of her being any where without me, especially riding the bus to and from school on her own, but I know she will love it. Since she is still so far behind she qualifies for the school district preschool, which means she'll be going 4 times a week.

We love our Gracie so much, she is such a miracle and example to us!


Jen, Paul and Gracie said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!! What a great post and i am so excited to hear that she is walking!! My Gracie will be three next month and we are hoping she may take her first steps sometime soon. gosh, I would love to hear from you if there has been anything special you've done to help Gracie catch up with gross motor. thanks! Jen

Megan said...

What a positive post about Grace's development. I love it! And I COMPLETELY understand(well...almost) the concern you have of letting her go to school without you. I was so nervous that Evan didn't. I hope that her preschool teacher will be as sweet as Evan's has been and you will not need to worry at all. Just stay involved. Happy Birthday Grace! Keep progressing! Keep powering through the hard things! You have always been amazing!

Larissa said...

I love you, Deanna! Thank you for posting all of these beautiful updates on your family!

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

I had a really hard time too saying goodbye too to early intervention. It was very bittersweet. Our experience with school has been good. My only complaint is that the feeding therapy is almost non-existent because it is not an "educational" goal. However, we put it in Nathan's IEP for snacktime. Nathan LOVES the bus though. It was really hard for me to send him off to school, but he really looks forward to it.

Gracie has made such progress! She is such a doll!

Michelle said...

I miss that girl! She is so sweet, and cracks me up!

Brad and Hailey said...

School already?! Wow I can't believe it! It was so great to see her walk at the party! She is one amazing little girl!