Thursday, July 21, 2011


In January of this year we filled out all the paper work for Gracie to get a wish from Make-A-Wish. We debated whether to wait until she was older and could really wish for herself, but we felt that now was the right time. By May we met with Gracie's wish granters Annie and Brian, and in July her wish was granted!!!

Though Gracie would have loved going to Disney World, we decided to wish for a playset. Gracie absolutely loves to swing and what better than her own swing set so she could swing whenever she wants, for how long she wants.

Anyways, a couple weeks ago, Annie emailed me to tell me that the company they were getting the playset from were going to install it on July 8th. I was so excited because, July 8th was the day after Gracie's 3rd birthday. How exciting to have her wish granted for her birthday!

We surprised Gracie with a big party to 'unveil' the playset. We invited all of our family and friends, Annie and Brian brought a cake and balloons and we had an AMAZING time!

Annie and Brian even surprised Gracie with a special birthday present, her very own car!! I have always wanted Gracie to have her own power wheels car so that she could be able to play like others and keep up. Grace absolutley loves the car, we just have to teach her how to push the gas, but once we do, I know there is no stopping her. Now, though, she is perfectly fine just sitting in the car, listening to music.

The Make-A-Wish organization is amazing. I am so grateful that Gracie was given the opportunity to wish and find some hope and joy admist all she has to go through. I love that Gracie can go into the backyard and have fun and not be judged or looked at because of her differences. I hope that one day Jason and I will be in a position to fund another kiddo's wish


Aimee Hardy said...

AWESOME! I got a little teary seeing her walk up into her new play house. She looks so good.

Happy 3rd bday Gracie! And what a fantastic Wish.

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

I think that is awesome! What a great wish for her!

Someday too, I would like to be in the financial position to help grant a wish.

Megan said...

That is beautiful. I love that they even seemed to surprise YOU with the car. And that they thought of Morgan too was very sweet.

Traci Bulkley said...

Congrats! And Happy Birthday to Gracie! Thanks for sharing those videos, it was so sweet to watch.