Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Raising Gracie's Star

Today we were able to complete Gracie's Make-A-Wish experience by going up to The Wishing Place, in Murray. Of the 66 Make-A-Wish chapters in the country, Utah's chapter is one of four that have a special atmosphere for Make-A-Wish kids and their families. The Wishing Place, was designed after taking into consideration input and opinions from Make-A-Wish kids.

When you walk in, if you look up you will see glass stars of all different colors hanging from the ceiling. Each star represents a Wish child and their wish and each star was raised by that wish child. The backyard has a special wishing pond, where the Wish child can get a special token to throw in and make another wish. Then on the second floor there is a special tower with a locked door, each Wish child gets their own key to unlock the door, where inside they get to leave their wish for the Wish Wizzard. Explaining it doesn't give it justice---so lucky for you we took video of Gracie's experience.

Gracie showing offer her star that she decorated. It was kind of funny because she freaked out when she got the marker on her hand.

Morgan and Gracie at the wishing pond

Entering the Wishing Tower.

Family pic in the tower.


Megan said...

That is beautiful.

Emily@Little Forever Family said...

Seriously loved this! Thank-you for the video. It really and truly was so sweet and made me cry!!!