Friday, October 7, 2011

Cath Lab

What a long day! Generally speaking it wasn't good or bad, just long. Gracie did great with her cath, what a different experience compared to all the caths she had when she was little. We played and watched Mickey while we waited to go to the cath lab and then after the cath she was fairly pleasant. We watched more Mickey Mouse, Dora, and were even allowed to go on a wagon ride for an hour and half---I think we went up and down the "elegator" 100 times!

For the most part Gracie's cath looked fairly good. Her lung pressures are still boarder line, being at 15% (anything above 15% is a bit too risky), she had a lot of collaterals that they couldn't coil off, but are hoping that after the Fontan they won't be that significant because of where they are. However, there are a bunch of collaterals that branch out into the lungs that could contribute to fluid build-up and retention after surgery. This could be a problem because Fontan kiddos tend to struggle with plural effusions, so this could just compound the situation.

Dr. Kaza the surgeon that will be doing Gracie's surgery seems pleased with what was seen in the cath lab, so we are a go for October 18th. Leading up to today, I wanted so desperately for things to look good so that she could have the Fontan. And now that I know there is no question about it, I am freaking out!!

There are so many factors that we have to juggle while Gracie is in the hospital, I just don't know how we are going to do it. I know that I NEED and HAVE to be at the hospital with Gracie, there is no question about it. I am the one who knows everything about Gracie, I know every reaction she has had, I know what behaviors to expect, I know how to calm her and make her happy. Don't get me wrong Jason knows a lot of these things too, but there is just something about mommies being the one that are most qualified to be with their sick kiddos.

Even though I know my place is with Gracie, I am heart sick that I won't be home with my other two babies. Just today, being gone from Morgan and Ryan all day, drove me nuts! Morgan may be old enough to understand what is going on, but I am sure she is going to still want me home after the novelty of being with family and friends every day wears off. And Ryan is just so little, how will he know that he is still loved? That his mama loves him and wishes to be with him too? The only comfort that I can find and what allows me to know that I can stay with Gracie is knowing that we have a grandma and an aunt who will be taking great care of my babies while Jay has to work and I'm at the hospital.

What a hard road. We're hoping that with lots of phone calls, video chats, and visits and hopefully an occasional switch with dad and grandma we will get through this and all be reunited quickly.

The average hospital stay for this surgery is anywhere between 10-14 days. After a long talk with Gracie's cardiologist, he said he would be extremely happy if she would be discharged in two weeks. With that said though, she has a lot working against her. But I think she has so much going for her now, than she did with her two previous surgeries. She is stronger, fiestier, and healthier. Maybe, just maybe, my Gracie girl will surprise us all and beat the odds and do wonderfully well!!


Megan said...

You, your family, and Grace are amazing. I am praying that things go so well. As for being away from Ryan & Morgan, it will be okay. Yes, Ryan is too little to understand what's going on, but that's also an advantage in that he won't really remember it either. He will be just fine. Thanks for sharing this hard step in your and Grace's life right now. I hope you freaking out right now is the worst of it.

Stephanie Ellinger said...

Wishing you guys the very best! Its hard wanting/needing to be in two places at once.

Brad and Hailey said...

We are keeping you all in our prayers and thoughts! Please let us know how we can help!

The Gardner Family said...

You have been on my mind all weekend. It was so great to see Gracie for a little bit today! I LOVE that girl! It sounds like Morgan and Ryan will be very well taken care of, but if you or Grandma or anyone need anything...give us a call! :)

Aimee Hardy said...

So glad the cath went well and that she is a candidate. We will be thinking about you lots in the next ten days. You are in great hand witth Dr Kaza.

Allison said...

I am just checking in (it has been way too long! Sorry!) and I didn't realize that Gracie was so close to her Fontan! I am glad to hear that the cath went well and she is a candidate! I know how stressful it is getting ready for it all over again. I will be checking in a little more closely and praying for your family during this time. We will cross our fingers that the pressures will be perfect and that her collaterals will not cause any problems for her!

One Happy Heart Family said...

We are thinking of you guys!! Ya the plural effusion stuff STINKS!!! Thats what held Kylie there, but it still was under a 2 week stay!! Praying that things go great!!!