Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Learning new words.

Morgan is at the stage that I just love--she is repeating words and using them more and more. Today she learned the word Hippo and used it as we read several books about animals. Everytime she learns a new letter of the alphabet she thinks that letter is the letter she sees everywhere. For example, we taught her the letter M--so even the Y in the mountain is an M.

But perhaps Jason's favorite new word is HAND, now you may be thinking that isn't that fun of a word, but when Morgan says it, it does not sound like hand. Jason is convinced it sounds like as*. Morgan started this thing where if we are in the car she wants to hold our hand, so all we hear is as*, as*, as*--Jason finds it so hilarious.

Check out the video and tell me if you think it sounds like Hand or As*

**I realize that this may seem like a immature post--but you can't be mature all the time :)


Melanie said...

Jason may be right, but I think she has a t sound in there. perhaps it is a strong d and she is pluralizing!

Gourley Family said...

I really think morgan gets smarter every time we see her!! This is the cutest thing in the world! Who knows what she might learn next!!

A Hunter Story said...

Brian and I totally hear As*. She is so fun and cute!

Trent, Sherie, Adam & Bridget said...

I love it! Horray for immaturity! I totally hear As*! Adam's favorite "fake word" (the word he says when he doesn't know what to say or is playing around) is Fahk. So, I'm there with ya!