Sunday, May 4, 2008

Random thoughts

This evening Morgan and I visited a friend who just had a baby girl a couple days ago. I forgot how tiny newborns are even though it seems like Morgan was that small just a couple of months ago.

It was so sweet to see Morgan with the little baby--she was soft and gentle and loved on her. Morgan was able to hold the baby and she thought it was the best thing ever; when I took the baby from her she got upset and then stood up and hugged and kissed her. I couldn't help but feel sad knowing that Morgan will most likely not be able to do that with our little Grace when she comes. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I was excited that Morgan and the next baby would be so close--as my pregnancy progressed and Morgan matured I dreamed and envisioned Morgan coming and seeing the baby and just being enthralled by her and wanting to hold and love on her. Now I can only hope that she will be able to visit Grace when she is born and hopefully we will have our miracle and Grace will come home and we will be able to raise her here in this life.

On a different note--I'm including a cute picture of Morgan and her grandpa Tom--it was taken today to send to Tom's mother for mother's day. Morgan loves her grandpa, especially because he lets her sit on his lap and 'drive' the car. She is also partly named after him, I have always loved the name Morgan since high school and Jason liked it too. When we were married I found out that Tom's middle name is Morgan--so needless to say everyone in the family thinks that we named her after Tom when in reality it is a really big coincidence.

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Gourley Family said...

I love the picture of seeing her say cheese! I also think the one (I do not think it is posted) of both of them blinking at the same time! What a coincidence! Mom was telling me family names (Elsie, Leroy, etc.) and they were almost all names of other people that I had taken care of when I worked in the nursing homes. Kind of funny! Morgan is going to be great with Gracie. Even if we can use an "in" with some friends on the PICU, maybe she will be able to visit Gracie more and for longer!