Thursday, May 15, 2008


Something that has been really difficult for me this pregnacy is trying to buy things for Grace. Granted she doesn't need much because Morgan got spoiled and has so many clothes, but I'm a firm believer that if we can afford it, each of our children will at least have a couple of things that were bought just for them.

Jason and I have gone out shopping numerous times but it has always been too difficult to buy anything. Once Jason even tried to make me buy something for the baby, but I refused and he ended up picking something out and getting it. Anyways, I have finally been able to buy a couple of things for Grace that I was actually excited about.

1. A photo album. Since I have an ultrasound appointment almost every month I have many more pictures of Grace in the womb then I do of Morgan. So I decided to start a photo album for her even before she comes. Plus regardless of what happens, pictures will always be kept and looked at often.

2. A Joural. Several years ago my friend Niki told me how she was keeping a journal for each of her girls and I feel in love with the idea. So when I found out I was pregnate with Morgan I went out and bought her a journal and even started recording thoughts and feelings about her before she was born. With Grace...again I dragged my feet doing this. It wasn't that I didn't want to, but it was just hard on so many levels. When I finally felt ready to start journaling for Grace, I spent three weeks searching for the perfect journal. I finally picked one--it has the picture tittled "Be Not Afraid," by Greg Olsen. Its a picture of Jesus holding one child and helping another onto a rock. I felt this was so appropriate because we have quite the journey ahead of us and we need to try and not be afraid, but trust that Jesus will take us by the hand and lead us to where HE wants us to end up.

3. A stufted animal. For babies that will be spending an extended stay in the hospital it is recommended not to bring in blankets that you are attached to because they could get lost in the laundry. When Jason and I were at the store the other day I found this little stuffed animal and fell in love with it, thinking that it would be perfect for Grace. Its a little catepiller with a rattle in its bum. It is perfect to love on and even act as a leg rest for legs that will need to be elevated at times. My hope is that it will become Grace's "security blanket" and bring her comfort and peace during all the doctor's visits, surgeries, etc.


Gourley Family said...

What neat things you have picked. I understand being hesitant. I too kept journals for Lilly and Ryker, because I knew that no matter what the outcome, my children needed to know one day their older sister and brother and the life we shared with them. And that I too would one day be strong enough to look back and see all the experiences and love we shared with them. That caterpillar will do great for propping up some legs!

Rachel and Jared said...

Good for you guys, I am sure little Grace will love her gifts. The journal idea is a great one. We love reading the updates and reading about what is going on.