Friday, December 11, 2009

Finally settled in

Gracie's surgery went well, to quote Dr. Pohl, "it went amazingly smooth, I was surprised how easy it was!" I'm glad Grace was able to do something well, :)

We got up to the floor around 4:30pm and Gracie was miserable. With getting acquainted with the nurse and all that follows (ordering formula, medicine, and adding to doctor's orders) Gracie didn't get to rest until 6:30pm. She fell asleep in my arms, slept 40 minutes and then woke up screaming and was inconsolable for the next 45 minutes (the nurse got sidetracked and forgot about Gracie's tylenol, ugh!) We gave her a nice hefty dose of nubain and within 20 minutes she was calm, relaxed and just playing. We then gave her her 8pm meds, along with some loratab and benedryl, we are still waiting to actually feed her, they will start with some pedialyte at 10pm and if she tolerates that we will start a continous drip around 12am (poor thing hasn't had any forumula since 12am today). Provided she does well, they'll watch her till tomorrow afternoon and we should be home by 5pm, depending on the weather.

Here's a picture of my tired little baby (taken because Jay couldn't make it up and wanted to see her)....hopefully she will sleep well


Cammie said...

So happy it went smooth, hope you and Gracie will be home soon.
Love and miss you guys!!

Troop 1535 said...

I didn't realize she was already scheduled for surgery. I am glad to hear that all went smoothly and you are now free of the NG.

Erica said...

Ha ha I was signed in under Doug's Scouting account. Oops

Ginger said...

So glad to hear everything went well, I was hoping to make it over to talk to you before you left Friday! Hope she is doing great still and getting feeling better today. We'll come by tommorrow with dinner:)

Kimberly said...

Glad it went well. Keep us posted! You are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you guys!

cici said...

poor little puffle... Hope she is pain free and happier now.

Aimee Hardy said...

I'm so glad she decided to have a nice, easy surgery this time. Good Girl! I bet this will really be great for you both.

Take Care!

Hollie said...

I'm so glad that you were able to have an uneventful surgery for once! I hope that you're home and resting well. You're gonna LOVE the g-tube!
Hollie, Ben and Elaina