Friday, December 18, 2009


Taking a break from helping with sugar cookies, to dance.

Gracie with a sugar cookie---she liked the frosting!!!

I am so excited that Morgan is old enough now to really get excited about Christmas and actually have fun with some traditions that I am hoping to form. This week we have been busy doing all sorts of fun activites. We made graham cracker houses, snowflakes, and even started making our christmas cookies.

Tonight we headed down to Thanksgiving Point to drive through the holiday light show there, its about a 10 minute drive. We have gone every year since Morgan was born and this year she enjoyed it so much more. We pulled both of the girls out of their carseats and had them on our laps during the drive, both of them squealed in delight at different times, oh it was so much fun to see them enjoy this tradition.

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Shayla Taylor said...

You guys look like you are doing so well. The girls look so happy! They are loved! We are thinking about you. Glad to see you can have fun with all the craziness!