Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dr.'s appointment

Yesterday was Grace's first appointment with our family doctor and she did great. It was kind of fun to take her in since many at the office have been following my little Gracie. She even behaved herself and didn't scream as loud as I thought she would and even tolerated her assessment better than she would while in the hospital.

Gracie is quite tiny, weighing in at 9lbs 15 oz and 21 in long---she doesn't even make the charts for a three month old. But its ok, she is still doing great and hopefully will gain weight fast. She really seems to like eating from a bottle, she shows signs of hunger and then even gulps down her milk. Tonight she drank her normal 20 cc and still wanted more; she wasn't working too hard so we gave her another 20 cc and she drank it all! I was so proud of her until about 15 minutes after when the 40cc in her tummy over the course of 25 minutes actually caught up to her--she was miserable for two hours until she finally got her methadone (what will I do when she is off of it completely?). So next time she still wants more, I'll just have to let her slowly work her way up to a higher volume in a short time.

The last few nights have been good, just really hard. Early Friday morning Grace had a fever and we thought we were going to have to take her into the emergency room, it scared us so much. But her fever began to drop and eventually break, we had a CBC drawn and all looked normal so it who knows what was going on. I think it was a combination of weaning from the drugs, being over stimulated by a 2 year old and just being in a new environment.


Erica said...

Glad to hear all is going well and that Grace is drinking from a bottle. That is a major accomplishment. Hopefully her tummy will be able to tolerate it better soon.

ash said...

This is part of the stuff I miss not being at the clinic. I'm glad everyone else got to see her though! Congrats on the baby steps!

Gourley Fam said...

Gracie is so cute! We just love her, and love having her home!!! She is funny how impatient she gets when she wants her milk. She has come a long way, but still has a bit of a journey.

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad that Gracie is home with you! I've kept you guys in my prayers for a long time.
It has been way too long D. When is it safe to get together again? Miss you!