Saturday, October 11, 2008

She sleeps...

Gracie finally tuckered out this morning and fell asleep after almost three days of being awake. She has been asleep for the last three hours--a big change from her 10-15 minute cat naps here and there.

I called the doctor out of desperation yesterday morning to see if I could give Grace anything to help her possibly sleep. She ok'd me giving her some benadryl, it didn't knock her out like I had hoped, but it did relax her enough so she wasn't screaming uncontrollably.

Overall Grace is doing well, other than the side effects of the wean. She goes to the cardiologist on Monday for a sedated echo, oh how I hope all will be ok. I had her hooked up to her pulse ox machine last night and early this morning and it kept reading that her sats were in the 50s and 60s, even though she looked ok. But she did look a little bluer so I tried increasing her oxygen a bit, but it didn't change, so I finally put her back on half a liter and turned off the pulse ox. Now she is fine and her color looks great.

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Gourley Fam said...

She is so sweet and we just love her and Morgan. Thank-you for letting us come and see you. It does us good to get a good dose of Morgan and Gracie. We are just so grateful to have you guys as family and just want you to know how much we love you!