Friday, October 10, 2008

I hate Weaning

Yesterday (Wednesday) Gracie was weaned completely from Ativan according to the weaning schedule we left the hospital with and I hate it!!! I have been so tempted to pull out the bottle and give her some, especially now at 4am and her eyes aren't even heavy. She hasn't really slept at all all day and is super irritable and doesn't really know what she wants. I told Jason that I would "sleep" in the living room with her so he could get some sleep for work but no sleep for me...I'm just hoping that maybe this time around the swing will lull her into a deep enough sleep that she doesn't wake up two minutes later.

We put Gracie in her vibrating chair thinking that would help her relax and sleep because when we held her and bounced her she would begin to didn't work. But she did love it!
If anyone else has experienced the awful effects of weaning and how they survived I'd appreciate hearing about it. I just don't know if I will be able to survive more days and nights like today. And I know I'm hesitant to continue weaning on the methadone until the affects of not having Ativan have subsided.
Grace is asleep, I'm going to try and get some sleep too before Morgan wakes up or she startles herself awake.


Michelle said...

Darling pictures! I'm determined to see that smile in person!

Kristine said...

My daughter Katie had to been weened off of morphine and then clonadine. She was weened in the hospital, but it was still hard. Their schedule was too fast and I insisted on a slower withdrawal of the drugs. Her reaction is similar to what you're describing. They double the scheduled weening time and it was much, much better. You know your instinct. I also gave Katie Tylenol 2 times at night and it seemed to calm her down.

Hilary said...

Hang in there, it will get better. Most likely sooner than later. Daxton did the exact same thing. I would recommend not weaning the methadone for several days until she starts acting more life herself. We are still weaning Daxton off of his methadone and it has been about two weeks since we left the hospital and I think it will take another couple of weeks. They have been so dependant on it so it will take time. Poor little guys. Try to see if you can get a nap in, I hate lack of sleep. Good luck, she really is so beautiful. Much love, Hilary