Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heart Cath

Gracie will go in for her 10th major procedure tomorrow morning at 7:30am. Most likely they will stint open her sano and hopefully this will help with her oxygenation levels and everything else.

The doctors are optimistic that this is what Grace needs--they were actually thinking it was time to send her to the cath lab anyways, even before all of this happened. The Attending--Doctor Whitty--also thinks that we should be able to extubate by friday. She feels that Gracie doesn't even need to be intubated, it was more of a precaution and she would need to be intubated anyways.

After studying Grace's heart rhythms from the last two months, the doctors believe that she has a heart arrhythmia--kind of hard to detect since the waves aren't much different from regular heart waves. We're hoping that meds will be able to fix it, in fact one of the meds that they use to treat the heart arrhythmia can also be an after load reducer--which is what the enalapril was intended for.

I'll post tomorrow after the cath lab.


Erica said...

Good Luck today. Grace is continually in my prayers. Hopefully this will do the trick. She has come such a long way already.

summer said...

We pray all goes well. We check your blog often and are so sorry about the many roller coasters! She is a fighter!

Love, The Stricklands (Mason's Family)