Friday, September 5, 2008

Skin Graft done

The heparin was turned off yesterday, feeds were stopped at midnight, and everything was in order for Gracie to go to the OR this morning. No matter how many times I have done the walk with Grace to the OR and say my goodbyes, it doesn't get easier. Today she cried the entire walk and was still crying as I left her.

Apparently it took her a while to settle down and allow the sedation to take affect, but once she was under everything went well and quite smoothly. The plastic surgeon is optimistic that the graft will take, especially since the cadaver graft actually took and began to fill in some of the wound.

The anesthesiologist didn't want to extubate in the OR because of all the sedatives Gracie was on, so she came back intubated. It was so hard to see her with the tube in her mouth again and the look in her eyes--It seemed as if she was confused as to why the tube was back. She came back at 10:30am and the nurses immediately started weaning the rate from18 back down to 12, we did a half hour spontaneous trial and then extubated around 4:30pm. She did great, it took her an hour to get her sats stable, but she has been doing wonderfully since 6 ish.

So tomorrow we will start her on analipril again and hopefully she will do well. Luckily we have a nurse that knows Gracie--I trust her explicitly. So please pray for our Gracie these next few days, she really needs to do well with analipril.


Grandview Family Medicine said...

We finally figured out how to post comments! We have been following Graces progress every day and wait on pins and needles as the blog pulls up every day. We are praying for you and wish you the very, very best. It looks like things are going very well! Grace is beautiful and strong! We look forward to seeing you once you are home!

Erica said...

I am happy ti hear all went well with Grace's skin graft. I will keep her in my prayers.

Shayla Taylor said...

First off - I love your family doctor. If we weren't moving, I would switch over. Secondly, I am so glad she is doing so well. We love ya! If you need anything, let me know. :)