Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Miracle For Gracie's Neighbor

Today was a quiet day up at the hospital for Gracie which is a good thing because her sweet little neighbor needed the attention today. Daxton Cook who is only three months old has been waiting for a heart for the last two months and finally his family got the call this morning at 2:25am!!! The heart is in and beating and things seem to look good. Please keep Daxton and his family in your prayers--they have a long recovery ahead of them. It is amazing to me how one family's tragedy and heartache can be another family's miracle and blessing. I am struck in awe at how selfless and giving families are when they donate their loved ones'--especially their babies' and small children's--organs. Please pray for the donor family as well in their time of need and comfort.

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Erica said...

The miracle of life indeed comes in many forms. Though I have been registered as an organ donor, I never thought I would have a loved one who would need to be on the receiving end of organ donation. It is hard to know that someones tragedy will be what my baby need to live. I am grateful for others selfless acts of love.
I will add Daxton to my prayers.