Friday, October 23, 2009

6 hours and counting

Gracie is still in the cath lab, it has been over 6 hours and the only update I received was two hours ago---things are going great, there are just A LOT of collaterals to coil, but Gracie is doing great. I'm ready to be on the recovery side and work toward getting her home, I think the longer she is in the lab, the chances of them wanting to keep her over night increase. Time will tell.

Meantime, please pray for our little heart buddy Owen. He is on the verge of being place on the transplant list and his family just found out that it could be sooner than later. Owen needs to gain weight, hopefully by gaining weight he can wait for his new heart outside of the hospital for a while. Also please pray that his momma, Andrea will find a hotel to stay in. They live in Arizona and have to travel to California for Owen's cardiac check-up, they weren't planning on staying too long this trip and now can't get a reservation anywhere.


Christina said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Hoping Gracie will be done soon and you can come home tonight!

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma

Shiloh said...

I have a friend who's baby has HLHS would it be okay if I reffered her to your blog so she can get to know some other people who are going through the same thing? I noticed you have a pretty big network of HLHS families. If anything she can just read. I promise she is a good person and isn't creepy.

cici said...

Praying for little Gracie to come out a new woman ;0)
I am praying for little Owen too, isn't he a cutie pie, thanks for asking for Prayers for Andrea too during this difficult time. You're a sweetie!

Summer said...

Oh Deanna, I hope all went well yesterday!!! I pray you are able to bring beautiful Gracie Home ASAP!

Loves, Mason's Mommy

Aimee Hardy said...

I hope everything went well with Gracie's cath and that this makes her a new woman so she can come off those lasiks. Good luck. We're thinking about you.