Monday, October 19, 2009

All about Morgan

Yesterday Morgan officially turned 3 years old, leaving me to ponder how wonderful our life has been to have her in our lives. We got pregnant with Morgan only 2 months after Jason and I were married, both of us felt we needed to start a family soon after we were married and we were blessed to do so so quickly.

I always knew my first child would be a daughter, I knew that becoming a mother to a daughter first would bring so much healing. Being a mother to Morgan has been a joy, in all sense of the word, Morgan is amazing!!
I love the way Morgan loves. I love the way she adores Grace and just can't get enough cuddles in with her---I am always telling her that she needs to stop hugging Grace or she needs to let go of her hand because Grace doesn't want to be cuddled anymore. I love how talkative she is, even if there are times that I beg her to find a quiet activity to give my ears a rest. I love how Morgan is a gift and a joy to all that come in contact with her, she loves friends and once she meets them, she can't stop talking about them and using their names for the names of her beloved babies.

Basically I could go on and on about all the things I love about my "little baby" but I won't. We are so blessed to have Morgan in our lives, through all the heartache our extended family has been through Morgan has been what has kept us happy and full of hope for brighter, more beautiful days. We love you Morgan!!!
So the girls aren't allowed to go to church any more right now as we are trying to stay healthy and away from all the germs. After our own little nursery lesson, we decided to play with one of Morgan's new birthday toys. We like this 'doll' a lot more than the one that came in the set.


The G Fam said...

She is so cute! I love my nieces so much!

Kyle and Alli said...

Way to go Morgan! You guys have had some big milestones recently.... I just got caught up on Grace's 15 month mark and a three year old now too! Wow. Beautiful family photo in your header. :)