Friday, October 23, 2009


Gracie was the first case this morning so we have been here at the hospital since 6am. Grace has been as happy as can be, just smiling and trying to have fun---but I'm a mean mom and wouldn't put her down to play with all the germie toys!

Its always nice to come back "home" and see so many of our friends, they love to see how Grace has changed and gotten so much more mature. When I ran into people without Gracie in my arms they all stopped to make sure Grace was ok and find out why she is here. A hospital is never a place we like to be at, but knowing that there are so many here that love and care about Grace makes it easier.

I handed Gracie over to the wonderful cath lab nurses at 7:40am, though Grace didn't cry, I could see the apprehension in her eyes. No matter how many times I have had to hand her over it never becomes easy. I've been waiting for almost two hours without an update and have those sick, nerve racking butterflies in my stomach, oh how I hate that feeling.

Dr. Day said that they were planning on 4 hours and that they would have to enter through both Gracie's neck and groin. If things run smoothly and there are no complications we could be home later today! I'm hoping and praying for that, I hear coughs, sneezes, and people sniffling and I just cringe.


The Simmons Family said...

Praying everything goes smoothly!!!

Cammie said...

Everything will go smooth!
My heart is there with you.