Tuesday, August 19, 2008

busy week

As many of you know I am a Hall Advisor at BYU and as such this week is one of our busiest weeks of the year. We are preparing for students to move in next week and in so doing, we spend the entire week training our RAs (resident assistants). So needless to say this week has been something I have been dreading since March. I knew that trying to juggle work, Morgan, and Grace would be difficult to say the least, and it has been. Fortunately though my wonderful co-workers and managers have allowed me to take a back seat to presenting and just be present.

Anyway, though this week is crazy, hectic, and exhausting it started out with a wonderful gift and surprise. Sunday afternoon when Jason and I got to the hospital our nurse told us (with a huge smile) that she had a surprise for us---immediately I asked if we could hold Grace. Yes, indeed, our nurse asked the Attending if we could hold her (since I had been hinting at it for the last couple of days) and she didn't see any reason why not. So Jason got to hold Grace first because he knew that once Grace was put into my arms she wouldn't leave them until we had to leave. So after an hour, Jason allowed me to hold our sweet baby and I was in heaven. Grace just absolutely loved it, she slept peacefully once she settled in. After holding Gracie for two hours I had to put her back in her bed... each moment she is in my arms I am comforted and gain strength, I only hope she does too.

This morning when I got to the hospital I asked when it was possible to put her in some clothes, Grace's nurse said she didn't see why I couldn't do it now as long as the clothes had buttons and allowed for all the wires and tubes to be free. I was pleased to hear this because I brought a little shirt with me to the hospital and immediately pulled it out and had the nurse help me put it on my little sweetheart. Next time I just have to bring in something that isn't purple, though it wasn't much, the purple on the color made Gracie look bluer than she really is. It will be hard not being able to put her in purple, because I just love little girls in purple--Morgan's wardrobe was mostly purple at this age--o'well.


Em said...

Gracie looked absolutely darling yesterday! We really enjoyed spending time with our niece although I think she enjoyed emily's presence more. She seems to look better every day we see her!

Erica said...

Yeah! I am glad to hear that Grace is doing well enough for you to hold her for so long. I know what you mean about color choice. I try to avoid anything yellow or green because it just makes Eden look more yellow.
I hope your week hasn't been to hectic.

Melynda said...

These are the days that are so dear to my heart, its such a wonderful feeling being aloud to hold your sweet baby again! (We're friends of Emily and Mike, our kids we're in the PICU at the same time last year) Glad to hear things are going so good!

Heart Hugs

Melynda, Sam and Mariska
(HLHS 9months, doing super)

Megan said...

How adorable & happy! Yay!