Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today's procedure went well, Grace did great--luckily it was a quick and fairly easy procedure compared to all that Gracie has experienced so far. Literally, after Grace was sedated, the wound vac and dressing was removed, the area cleaned and three of the wires were snipped and pulled out with only minimal bleeding. How wonderful it is for things to go well and for her wound to be healing finally!!!

Though I still haven't had a chance to talk with the plastic surgeon, I have found out more about the skin graft. Like I mentioned yesterday, Monday the plan is to take some skin from a cadaver and see if Grace's wound is ready to accept a skin graft. If it "takes" then some time later that week they will take some of Grace's skin (probably from her upper thigh) and do a "permanent graft." Unfortunately all this has to happen one of my busiest weeks of the year (RA training).

The cardiac surgeon came in and spoke with me for quite some time and he feels that Gracie is moving in the right direction. Though I had several questions about the future and other things he reminded me that our focus needs to just be on the present--getting Grace's chest better and weaning her off the vent and getting her HOME to us. I am glad that he shares the same goal as I do and is reminding me to take things one day at a time and they will deal with complications as they come and become necessary.

It is so hard to walk the PICU floor and continually see so many babies and children suffering. For any of you that have had the opportunity to enter the PICU, I'm sure you have felt the uniqueness of it. The Spirit is there in ways I have never felt it any where else. I choose not to visit with others and enter their rooms, so all I can do is speak for Grace and her room. When you enter the Spirit is so strong and inviting, it has to be for her to be where she is after all that she has experienced.


Erica said...

Grace is one tough little girl and you are one tough mom. I agree the spirit can certainly be felt there. Its peace and comfort is what helps to get us through difficult times.

Oliver and Megan Hansen said...

It's so great that your cardioligist has the same goals that you do and that he's helping you focus on the here and now. Grace is amazing!