Friday, July 25, 2008

Scratching their heads

Grace went down to the Cath Lab today around 12:30pm--like many of the other procedures she has had I and has had to leave her room I was able to walk down with her. Though I have done this several times, it doesn't get easier.

Around 3:30pm Grace's nurse called and told me that they were done, but her voice sounded different and my heart sank, I thought for sure something had happened. But she quickly assured me that Gracie was ok and came through the procedure wonderfully. We were then allowed back into the lab to look at the pictures that were taken and to speak with the cardiologist about the findings.

Basically everything looks ok, the SANO isn't compressed or obstructed, her lungs are expanding and contracting fine and seem to be receiving enough blood flow. The only thing that they found was that her pulmonary arteries are rather small, but that shouldn't be affecting her oxygenation levels. So we went into the procedure thinking that we would get answers even if it meant the worse and that they would have to open her chest again, but the cardiologists don't know what is going on because this isn't something that they would normally see. Which means now we just sit tight and wait on Gracie to progress more in her recovery--perhaps as she gets stronger she will be able to maintain consistent oxygenation levels, nobody really knows.

Tonight will be the first night that Jason and I can actually sleep more comfortably then we have in the last three weeks. We realize that our sweet Gracie is still really sick, but tonight she will hopefully be stable and be able to rest.


Gourley Family said...

She looked so good today! And so cute! Love the bow and painted nail and piggies! I love her sweet little face and eyes! Hopefully, things will continue to go well!
hugs and prayers,
Emily and Mike

The Taylor Bunch said...

I'm glad they won't have to open her up again any time soon. :) Post a few pictures when you can. We caught a cold in Vegas so we won't be up there any time soon. We miss you guys!


This is Jamie Garyson (formerly Neel). I talked to my mom tonight, and she told me that she saw you guys. She knows how in to blogs I am, so she told me to come and check yours out. First, let me say that I can't believe how OLD we are! Your story is so inspirational and I am so glad that you guys are blogging about your lives. (You and your brother!) I will keep checking in on you guys, and will definitely be keeping Gracie and your entire family in our prayers.