Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day of Rest

Today the doctors decided that Grace just needed to rest, which meant very limited interaction from us--She seemed so irritable and fussy today. Though we can't hear her cries, she does turn a bright violet and scrunches up her little face, I think that it is worse than hearing her scream and cry.

Luckily though they are keeping her pretty medicated so the pain shouldn't be that bad for her, or at least that is what we hope for. Today during a fussy spell as the nurse was administering some more pain medication that takes about 5 minutes to really begin working, I mentioned that Grace loved the pacifier before her surgery and that perhaps if there was a way she could suck on one, she would be able to soothe herself a little and not work herself up. So the nurse cut a pacifier in a way that allowed it to fit around her breathing tube---now I don't know if it really did help Gracie or if the medicine finally kicked in, but she was able to relax and even sucked on it. (who knows, maybe the nurse was humoring me and took the pacifier out the moment I left the room.) But it was nice thinking that finally i could help do something for my baby other than stand around helplessly as the nurses care for her every moment of every day.

So the nurses feel Grace is doing fine and hopefully will be ready to have her chest closed on Saturday.


The Taylor Bunch said...

We're thinking about ya! Let us know what we can do for you. :)

Oliver and Megan Hansen said...

Even if you feel like you haven't been able to do all the mommy stuff for Grace, you are doing the best you can for her by having such a strong hold on the gospel and paying attention to things and being there. you're amazing. and so is she.

Trent, Sherie, Adam & Bridget said...

Deanna, you are amazing. Know that we are thinking of you. Thank-you for keeping us posted so we can update our prayers. I check your blog all the time.